Credit Repair Services You Can Count On!

If you’re looking for credit repair services chances are good that you are struggling with bad credit or no credit history at all. Maybe you just missed a few credit card payments, or had some bank overdraft fees or, even worse, have collections agencies calling you about long-overdue charges from an old credit card. Any one of these things can hurt your credit and send you into a tailspin, eventually bringing your once pristine credit score right into the ground. Falling from the trusted heights of 650-700+ to the dumps of 400 and lower can hurt real bad. You’ll find that getting a home loan is near impossible. Getting a lender for a car loan or lease is just as difficult, or puts you at the disadvantage with a significant interest rate. Credit card companies start refusing you for a new card, and even leasing a home or apartment for rent with a credit score like that can mean a huge deposit you could otherwise avoid!

Professional Credit Repair

If this is your situation and you are looking for professional, affordable, results-driven credit repair, you came to the right place. The Build Credit Plus team is ready to help you fix your bad credit or establish new credit if you have no history at all. We have several packages above that can address any credit situation you might find yourself in. We can also do line-item credit repair, which simply means you only pay us for each action we perform, whether it is deleting a negative record on your credit report, changing a wrong public record, or anything else. Our pricing is competitive to other professional credit repair companies.